A collection of robot concepts and illustrations I've done. 

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stAR kNIGHTs (Below) 

The Star Knight Program. 

A countermeasure to battle extraterrestrial lifeforms that started invading our solar system at the beginning of the 3rd Space Age. Engaging these lifeforms in space before they reach Mother Planet Gaia and its colonies was the safest strategic option to ensure the survival of mankind and our place in this universe. We are not alone after all.



OSW - 03 Zeus (below) 

Orbital Sniper Warframe that is still in its early field testing stage but has proven to be accurate and precise at taking out high-risk targets from on high. 

"The Zeus is armed with a Thunderbolt graviton rifle, which fires a condensed energy beam that is highly sensitive to gravitional changes. This allows the beam to be fired in a curved or straight line depending on the beam's acceleration, and the position and altitude of the Zeus above the Earth. There are war stories and rumors told of legendary marksmen that could hit targets that were located on the opposite side of the planet with the mere knowledge of the their targets' coordinates." 

EW - 02 Hekaton

Named after the greek titan with a thousand arms, the EW-02 unit is an experimental four-armed Warframe that require 2 pilots with a psychic neural link to operate the machine.  



A re-imagining of the popular giant robot from the Power Rangers series.



A manned-machine capable of cat-astrophic destruction.


Some re-imagining of Transformers.


In the near future, giant bird-like robots  have replaced modern day aircrafts in aerial warfare.

Robot illustrations done in oils on canvas. 

Robot Love

The Iron Giant