The Rusted Souls

In the distant future, artificial intelligence have gained awareness and began a planet wide extermination of the human race. Humanity stood no chance against this new superior being and was brought to the edge of extinction. When it was thought that all hope was lost, evolved human beings armed with psychic abilities began to appear, some with the power of telekinesis, some clairvoyance and others with the ability to manipulate the very AI of the machines. This story revolves around one particular ragtag group of these gifted individuals. They call themselves the Rusted Souls. 


Here is a collection of work I did for an experimental group gallery show in 2012 held at 1am SF Gallery. The theme of the show was concept art and we were to do art based on a loose story revolving in a post-apocalyptic world where humans had to fight against machines. It was a refreshing experience as I got to experiment and try out techniques and styles I wouldn't have done otherwise in a more professional setting. 

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I wanted to take a different direction with the psychic evolved heroes, whereby they would use their telekinetic abilities in creative ways:  the masked hunter would have the ability to accelerate his bullets, while the swordswoman could manipulate the frequency of her blade so it could cut even the toughest metal.